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Recorded at The Rats Nest in Oakland, CA.
Recorded by Samuelito Cruz & Ant Boyd.
Mixed & Mastered by Ant Boyd.
Recorded in a 3 day span over Thanksgiving week.

* Limited cassettes via Smoking Room on 3/10 *


released February 19, 2017

All songs by Samuelito Cruz / Toner except
*Nothing I Can Say by Tony Molina
Performed by Toner & Tony Molina

Samuelito Cruz - Vocals, Guitar
Kennan Sommer - Bass
Maxwell Carver - Guitar
Sean Glass - Drums



all rights reserved


TONER Oakland, California

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Track Name: BC Hope
How wonderful, how far away?
Opposites on the end, another year to change.
Cold shower, stomach sour, deep in a hole.

I'll take it away if I can but you'll have me around.
Track Name: Sobe Bongwater
Can you heal my pain? Does it drift away?
I feel it everyday, a sip to keep me tame.
Because there's a time & place that keeps me up at night
when I dwell, when I break inside. Do you mind?

When summer rolls around again I'll be heading, leaving.
& when the leaves start to hit the ground
I'll be begging & crawling home.

I know it, I can feel it.
Track Name: Concentrator II
On the way home in the back of my car
leaves a strange note I wish I had read.
& every night I hear them yelling up at my window.

It puts me in pain when I feel reliable.
So take the pills & weep yourself to sleep.
Track Name: New Normal
Stuck on a hilltop that's burning down.
Shaking down to my feet, the feelings turn so bleak.
Is anybody out there? I'm sick of waiting around.
I can feel it again growing bitter & getting sicker
every time I leave. Every time I breathe.

So gone, my head's all wrong
while i'm sulking in my luxury
wishing you were here to see i'm gone.
Track Name: Raspberry Wound
Hangin' on by a limb, back home again
I hope the E.D.D. will save me from going
back to West End. I'm going back to West End..

but every time you speak I'm holding back
from everything I see in the nightmares of my dreams.
Track Name: Fader
Head in the dirt, sun coming down on my face.
& shade sets in on my sin I can feel the bugs on my skin.
Yeah, they're digging deeper in the back of the van,
landlocked in the state I am it never takes a run from my mind.
I'm just killing time.

& how long will I feel this way?
It's getting longer everyday can I just rest my head?
& how long will I feel this way?
It's getting harder everyday can I just rest my head?
Track Name: Nothing I Can Say (Feat. Tony Molina)
How could I ever let you know?
It seems that there's no place for us to go.
There's nothing I can say to make it go away
& it's so hard to tell you now.

There's no such thing as time & the world is so unkind
& it's so hard to tell you now.
Track Name: Shoot It Up
It's been so long I can't remember your face or who you are now.
Do you know where your son is? I know you choke & cringe in your sleep.

Hours deep in an empty garage, so shoot it up, sink low & sink deep.
In memory of me

because when I wake I know i'm fucked for life.
Living, suffering from mistakes of your time
I am angry, I am sick in my bones.
Does it eat away inside of yours?

The curse settles down on me.
Track Name: Fool On The Floor
I'm the fool on the floor with my head in my hands
Can't let go & step outside without neglection.

Turned away, gone today
hiding in a cloth of my guilt.
Head to feet, i'm on my knees
hiding in a cloth of my guilt.